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Texans by Blood, Sweat & Tears

For thousands of years Native Americans called the lands of Texas home.  In 1528, the first Europeans happen upon Texas and in 1718 a Spanish expedition founded San Antonio.  The 1800s witnessed an onslaught of settlers from around the world coming to Texas to build a future.  Regardless of personal backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, or religions, Texas required a toll paid in blood, sweat and tears. 

Albert & Susan Mattison Goodloe

In 1855, the Goodloes settled in Bexar County, Texas, purchasing 1500 acres of land in the...

Anton Kozub (Kosub)

Anton would say: ‘Trust God but get a receipt from the priest.” 

Augustin Mountague “Gus” Gildea

Gus Gildea's exploits as a Ranger were only outshone by his ability as a master storyteller.

Bexar County Slave Patrols

Bexar County Slave patrols had the power to enter property and search without a warrant, arrest and punish slaves with lashes. They were empowered to arrest whites they believed associated with, assisted or incited slaves. The members of the slave patrols were entitled to full shares of rewards paid by slaveholders for the return of their slaves.

Born in Slavery: Felix Haywood

Born a slave in St. Hedwig, Texas, Felix Haywood's 1937 interview sheds light on the westernmost reach of the peculiar institution.

Born in Slavery: Rev. William Green

 Born In Slavery: Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project 1936-1938 From the Library of Congress CAUTION TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS: The information in this 1937 narrative has been reprinted...

Burrell L. Lann

Burrell L. Lann was associated with the violence at the mysterious village of Cottage Hill.  He...

Charles G. Napier, Greeley #2

In 1880 C. G. Napier was a media celebrity in San Antonio. His advice to farmers and ranchers about raising crops and animal husbandry was published in the San Antonio Express under the pseudonym of Greeley #2 and was widely read throughout south Texas. Greeley #2 traveled throughout Texas and wrote about people, places, and agricultural practices.

Constable Arthur Casanovas

Read about unusual life of Constable Arthur Casanovas of St. Hedwig, Texas who witnessed the killing of King Fisher and Ben Thompson.

D’Alanson (D. A.) Saltmarsh

D’Alanson (D. A.) Saltmarsh, a successful stagecoach operator, came to Texas to make his fortune on...

Daniel Ross Coodey

During the winter of 1838, the Cherokees in Tennessee began their forced march on the “Trail of Tears”. The march began in Red Clay, Tennessee, capital of the Cherokee Nation. Chief John Ross’s wife, Daniel Ross Coodey’s aunt, died on the trail. Daniel Ross Coodey, a leader in the Cherokee nation came to Bexar County, Texas and purchased the site of Cottage Hill.

David State Trainer

David State Trainer came to the Republic of Texas and moved to Bexar County as Texas...