In 1855, the Goodloes settled in Bexar County, Texas, purchasing 1500 acres of land in the Jose Maria Rodriguez survey on the Cibolo. They brought with them African slaves for the purpose of growing cotton. 

 In 1856, Susan Goodloe registered a brand in Bexar County, stating that she and Albert lived on the Cibolo. When Susan’s brother, Smith Mattison died,  she inherited his estate and used the proceeds to purchase property in East Bexar County.

Albert G. Goodloe was born in 1812 in North Carolina. About 1833, he married Susan Mattison in Franklin County, Alabama. Their five children William Paul, Calvin, Charles, Emma and Joseph M. were born in Franklin County.

In 1857, A.G. Goodloe paid taxes on 1,500 acres in the Maria Jose Rodriguez survey in Bexar County.

Goodloe sons, William Paul and Calvin, fought with the Mustang Greys in the Civil War.

In 1870 Susan gave her son, Charles, her power of attorney to sell her property. About this time, A.G. and Susan returned to Colbert County, Alabama.

In 1870 Charles sold the 1,500-acre Goodloe plantation and he and his brothers moved to San Antonio.  Felix Haywood, a slave on the Goodloe plantation, would later share his recollections of his life as a slave on the plantation.