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Albert & Susan Mattison Goodloe

In 1855, the Goodloes settled in Bexar County, Texas, purchasing 1500 acres of land in the...

Born in Slavery: Felix Haywood

Born a slave in St. Hedwig, Texas, Felix Haywood's 1937 interview sheds light on the westernmost reach of the peculiar institution.

Born in Slavery: Rev. William Green

 Born In Slavery: Narratives from the Federal Writers’ Project 1936-1938 From the Library of Congress CAUTION TO PARENTS AND TEACHERS: The information in this 1937 narrative has been reprinted...

Charles G. Napier, Greeley #2

In 1880 C. G. Napier was a media celebrity in San Antonio. His advice to farmers and ranchers about raising crops and animal husbandry was published in the San Antonio Express under the pseudonym of Greeley #2 and was widely read throughout south Texas. Greeley #2 traveled throughout Texas and wrote about people, places, and agricultural practices.

Edward Hall Cunningham

Edward Hall Cunningham was among a few Texans who made the transition from slave holding planter before the Civil War to baron of industry. His wealth and influence became the thing of legend. The success of his business, based on the use of convict labor, made him a controversial figure admired by some and reviled by others.

Lucy and the Indians on the Elam Plantation

The term “plantation” is deeply imprinted on the American psyche. It conjures up visions of grand plantation houses like Oak Alley in Louisiana or...

Robert Weakley Brahan

During the Civil War, Robert Weakley Brahan accepted an appointment by the Governor of Texas to General of the Militia. In this position, he enforced Confederate States of America’s conscription laws in South Texas.

Runaways – San Antonio

In Bexar County, slave owners and the ordinances used to support their interests created a precarious...

San Antonio Slave Ordinance

During the 1850s, plantation owners brought their slaves to East Bexar County. To protect their ownership of these slaves and themselves from slave revolt...

The Plantation Comes to Bexar County

During the late 18th and for the first half of the 19th century, the plantation model...