Burrell L. Lann was associated with the violence at the mysterious village of Cottage Hill.  He was born on October 30, 1837 to Joseph and Rhoda Lann (The surname often appears in records as “Land”). In 1860 Burrell Lann lived in Selma, Texas with his widowed mother and family.

Burrell Lineas Land
Burrell Lineas Land (Image Courtesy of Kurt Ewald, Houston, Texas)

He married Hellene Jane Ferris in Comal County on June 1, 1863. He registered his cattle brand in Bexar County on May 26, 1875 and listed his residence as Cottage Hill. On June 28, 1880 Burrell Lann’s daughter, Martha Jane, married Will Humphrey, the son of Cottage Hill’s assassinated post master John Humphrey. Several members of the family are buried at Mount Olive Cemetery. Burrell L. Lann died on May 20, 1903 in Cotulla, Texas.