David State Trainer came to the Republic of Texas and moved to Bexar County as Texas became a state.  He was born about 1808 in Georgia, son of James Trainer.

The Trainers moved from Georgia to Schuyler Co., Illinois. On Oct. 2, 1829, David Trainer married Rebecca Martin in Schuyler County.

From Illinois, the Trainers moved to Texas. They arrived prior to 1840, as David was granted a 3rd Class Headright land grant in Fannin County, abstracts # 1114 and #1120. A 3rd Class Headright land grant was issued to those who arrived in Texas between Oct. 1, 1837 and Jan. 1, 1840. The 1846 poll lists and tax records show David Trainer residing in Gonzales County, TX. The Trainers moved to Bexar County in the late 1840s. When the 1850 U.S. Census was taken, David and Rebecca were shown living on the Cibolo Creek.

In 1851, David S. Trainer purchased 116 1/3 acres from John M. Campbell on the Cibolo Creek in the Gortari Survey, that year he paid taxes on 200 ares in the Gotari survey. In 1854, he purchased 100 acres in the Maria Jose Rodriguez survey from John and Nancy Smith. In 1855, the Smiths sold Trainer an additional 40 acres in the Rodriguez survey.

David S. Trainer registered his brand in Bexar County in 1854, residing on the Cibolo.

The Trainer home on the Cibolo was listed as a Bexar County voting location during the 1850s with David S. Trainer appointed as the presiding election officer.

David S. Trainer died in 1857, as his estate paid taxes on his property in Bexar County in 1858.

Rebecca Trainer sold their 340 acres on the Cibolo to John McGee in March of 1860.

In 1869, Rebecca Trainer purchased 120 acres in the John Springer survey, and the family moved to Mt. Olive, near St. Hedwig, TX.

Rebecca Martin Trainer died before the 1880 Census was taken in June of 1880.