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Texans by Blood, Sweat & Tears

For thousands of years Native Americans called the lands of Texas home.  In 1528, the first Europeans happen upon Texas and in 1718 a Spanish expedition founded San Antonio.  The 1800s witnessed an onslaught of settlers from around the world coming to Texas to build a future.  Regardless of personal backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, or religions, Texas required a toll paid in blood, sweat and tears. 

La Vernia Postmasters

Since its founding in 1853 the Historical Post Office in present day La Vernia has had three official names: Post Oak, Lavernia and La...

Lavernia’s First Postmaster

Joseph G. Brown was the first postmaster for the Post Oak community that became La Vernia,...

Leroy M. T. Pope – A Texas Cattleman

The Early YearsLeroy M. T. Pope was among the first American settlers on the Cibolo watershed, in the new state of Texas, to pursue...

Lodi’s First Postmaster

On September 20, 1858, Steven Thorne Cook was appointed the first United States Postmaster of Lodi,...

Nelson Mackey

From 1886 until his death in 1898, Nelson Mackey dominated the business and politics of San Antonio. He was larger than life and embodied a spirit of growth that has seldom been equaled in the community.

Paul Prudlo

Paul Prudlo was unmarried and left no descendants.  Consequently, he is seldom mentioned in church records...

Robert James Lennix

Robert James (R. J.) Lennix was a pillar of the East Bexar Community of Mount Olive....

Robert S. Munger

Robert Sylvester Munger was born July 24, 1854 in Rutersville in Fayette County, Texas.  He was the son of Henry Martin Munger and Catherine McNutt....

Robert Weakley Brahan

During the Civil War, Robert Weakley Brahan accepted an appointment by the Governor of Texas to General of the Militia. In this position, he enforced Confederate States of America’s conscription laws in South Texas.

Runaways – San Antonio

In Bexar County, slave owners and the ordinances used to support their interests created a precarious...

St. Hedwig and Cottage Hill Postmasters

The Historical Post Office in present day St. Hedwig has been located at several sites and has possessed two official names: Cottage Hill and...

St. Hedwig Civil War Veterans

From a community of fewer than twenty-five families,  nineteen men were conscripted by the Confederate States of America.