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Texans by Blood, Sweat & Tears

For thousands of years Native Americans called the lands of Texas home.  In 1528, the first Europeans happen upon Texas and in 1718 a Spanish expedition founded San Antonio.  The 1800s witnessed an onslaught of settlers from around the world coming to Texas to build a future.  Regardless of personal backgrounds, nationalities, ethnicities, or religions, Texas required a toll paid in blood, sweat and tears. 

William Budd and Katherine Browne Jaques

Located near the confluence of the Chupaderas and Calaveras much of Jaques Rancho these days is...

William Chrysler

“For the past eight or ten years he had been known to every man, woman and child in San Antonio as “poor old man...

William H. Irvin

William H. Irvin was one the early settlers along the old Gonzales Road in the vicinity...