The Historical Post Office in present day St. Hedwig has been located at several sites and has possessed two official names: Cottage Hill and St. Hedwig. Taken from the records of the Postmaster General of the United States, this is a list of the individuals who served as their Postmasters.

Cottage Hill – Postmasters

20 July 1860William A. Jackson
23 January 1867Discontinued
23 October 1871Re-established
23 October 1871John Humphrey
18 June 1877Moved to St. Hedwig, Texas


St. Hedwig – Postmasters

18 June 1877Frank Felix
5 April 1881(Mrs.) Frances Kotula
17 August 1881William Singer (Saenger)
18 August 1883Joseph M. Zizik
4 March 1895Theo Felix
6 January 1900Declined by Joseph R.
 Dunstin (Dornstin)
31 May 1900Discontinued – paper to Adkins
13 August 1900Re-established
13 August 1900Andreas Strzelczyk
5 January 1916Phillip Cellmer
31 May 1953Conrad Cellmer