Since its founding in 1853 the Historical Post Office in present day La Vernia has had three official names: Post Oak, Lavernia and La Vernia. Taken from the records of the Postmaster General of the United States is a list of the individuals who have served as postmaster for this location.

Post Oak Postmasters

2 February 1853Joseph G. Brown
8 April 1854Claiborne Rector
29 April 1857Connally F. Henderson
7 May 1859Name of Post Office changed to Lavernia

Lavernia Postmasters

7 May 1859Connally F. Henderson
4 October 1860William Sutherland
12 July 1861William Sutherland (CSA)
12 October 1861Walter F. Sutherland (CSA)
9 August 1866John A. Fraser
25 January 1867Miss Sallie E. Trent
11 May 1868Lawrence H. Wall
28 March 1870James H. McMahan (McMahon)
8 July 1880Herman Suhre
26 March 1888Chauncey Canfield
26 December 1889Herman Suhre
20 March 1891William E. Smith
15 October 1897Hugo Kott
12 February 1913Charles A. Tiner
10 August 1922James W. McBee
13 January 1931James W. McBee
16 April 1936William M. Wiseman
1 May 1937Name of Post Office changed to La Vernia

La Vernia Postmasters

18 June 1937Edna B. Smith
10 September 1938Walter L. Wiseman
16 December 1942Edna B. Smith
15 October 1945Walter L. Wiseman
19 November 1945Walter L. Wiseman
15 January 1950Edna B. Smith
8 May 1950Edna B. Smith
30 April 1963Samuel Toney
26 May 1964Samuel Toney