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Annunciation Cemetery, St. Hedwig, Texas

In 2005, the Texas Historical Commission designated the Annunciation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Roman-Catholic Church Cemetery of...

Anton Kozub (Kosub)

Anton would say: ‘Trust God but get a receipt from the priest.” 

Paul Prudlo

Paul Prudlo was unmarried and left no descendants.  Consequently, he is seldom mentioned in church records...

St. Hedwig Civil War Veterans

From a community of fewer than twenty-five families,  nineteen men were conscripted by the Confederate States of America.  

St. Hedwig, Texas

On December 24, 1854, after traveling over 5,000 miles, a group of Polish Silesians gathered on...

The Legend of Martin Mroz

...As Martin arrived at the middle of the bridge Scarborough assured him that he would have safe passage. The two then proceeded toward El Paso and the meeting with Beulah. As they reached the American side, two men, hidden in a patch of sunflowers, stood with guns in hand. Martin jerked his pistol and was hit by eight slugs. His last words were reported to be, “Boys, I think you’ve killed me.” Beulah and John Wesley Hardin were the only mourners present when Martin was buried in Concordia Cemetery in El Paso. A few months later John Wesley Hardin joined him in eternity a couple of graves away. Hardin, it is believed, was killed by the very lawmen with whom he had failed to divide Martin’s bankroll...

Valentine Aniol

Valentine and Josepha Aniol were among the first families to blaze the trail from Upper Silesia to Bexar County.