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Augustin Mountague “Gus” Gildea

Gus Gildea's exploits as a Ranger were only outshone by his ability as a master storyteller.

Bexar County Slave Patrols

Bexar County Slave patrols had the power to enter property and search without a warrant, arrest and punish slaves with lashes. They were empowered to arrest whites they believed associated with, assisted or incited slaves. The members of the slave patrols were entitled to full shares of rewards paid by slaveholders for the return of their slaves.

Constable Arthur Casanovas

Read about unusual life of Constable Arthur Casanovas of St. Hedwig, Texas who witnessed the killing of King Fisher and Ben Thompson.

Joe Shely: One Revolution, One Ranger

When United States District Attorney A. J. Evans emerged from the meeting he declared that if the council would give him one man he would guarantee the complete breaking up of the Mexican Revolutionists on the American side of the Rio Grande. That man was Captain Joe Shely.

John Edgar Trainer

John Edgar Trainer served as a deputy under two legendary Bexar County sheriffs:  T.P. McCall and...

Joseph N. Dornstin

Arriving in Texas in 1841, Joseph Dornstin was a pioneer who blazed the trail that would be followed by Silesian settlers in the decades that followed.