Nov 18 2014


Attempts to bring re-enforcements to the defense of the Alamo included the rendezvous of men at the Cibolo Crossing on the Gonzales Road. 

Historian Thomas Ricks Lindley wrote: 

Sunday, 28 February 1836…Later in the day Captain J. J. Tumlinson and his Mina rangers rode into Gonzales. Soon Afterwards, Major Williamson, Captain Martin, Smith, Seguin, Tumlinson, and Lieutenants Jackson and Kimbell probably conducted a council of war to determine the manner in which they would reinforce the Alamo. The officers appear to have decided that Martin, Smith, and Tumlinson would take the relief force to the Cibolo Creek crossing on the Bexar/Gonzales road, twenty miles east of the city. At that location they would await Fannin’s force. Seguin and his two men would ride to the Cibolo Crossing on the Bexar/San Antonio road to rendezvous with Fannin’s men and guide them to the Cibolo ford on the San Antonio/Gonzales Road. 5

Monday, 29 February 1836…Albert Martin, J. J. Tumlinson and John W. Smith and their rangers, after riding from Ecleto Creek, probably camped on the Cibolo Creek ford, twenty miles east of Bexar – a five or six hour ride to the Alamo. That evening they readied their weapons, horses, and other equipment for the ride to the Alamo. Lastly, they probably had a cold supper to void detection by any enemy spies in the area. Sometimes after sundown Martin and Smith departed the Cibolo with at least thirty-four men. 6

Thursday, March 3, 1836 …Fannin’s former New Oreleans Greys had probably joined with the Chenoweth and DeSauque company and Seguin’s Tejano unit the previous evening or that morning at the Cibolo ford on the Bexar/Goliad Road. That afternoon the combined force rode northwest to join J. J. Tumlinson’s rangers at the Cibolo ford on the Gonzales road. Seguin probably guided the combined force cross country, traveling on the east side of the Cibolo…Also this date, the Tennessee men known as Gilmore’s company probably joined the relief group that was massing at the Cibolo ford… 7

Lindley also points to “limited evidence” that David Crockett commanded the scouting mission to locate Fannin. “Sometimes before midnight, Crockett and his scouts probably located the combined force (Tumlinson’s rangers, Seguin’s Tejanos, Chenoweth and De Sauque’s men, Gilmore’s men, and about fifty other Fannin Men) that were camped at the Cibolo ford on the Gonzales Road, twenty miles east of the Alamo” 8