Nov 18 2014


There are lines that when crossed result in irrevocable commitment. Soldiers instinctively know these lines where combat becomes an imminent reality.

During the Texas Revolution the Rio Cibolo was such a line: 30 miles to the east, Gonzales of the De Witt Colony bristled with Texians seeking redress to their complaints; 22 miles to the west San Antonio de Bexar, was a fortified outpost of Mexico.

Crossing the Cibolo changed the lives of men and the destiny of Texas.

Map of Cemetery Location
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In 2012, the Cibolo Crossing on the Gonzales Road associated with the Texas Revolution was designated as an historic site by the Texas Historical Commission. The following narrative was submitted with the application for historic designation. Photographs and maps have been added to the original narrative.

The Crossing is located on private property approximately two miles above La Vernia, Texas. 

Gonzales Road – Cibolo Crossing

Historic Marker Cibilo Crossing