The Road to Gonzales

Using original Texas Land Surveys, contemporary maps, archeological surveys, and field notes, we have reconstructed the path of the lost Texas road that connected San Antonio and Gonzales.  The information has been used to create layered maps that show the path of the road in relationship to the original land grants as well as to modern roads and satellite images.  To aid researchers and the public the maps have been made publicly available through Google maps and the original land grants have been linked.  The links also contain information about the grantees and original patents.

The Surveys

The original land survey documents have been indexed by county and are available by survey name or through the new map system built into this site.

The road connecting San Antonio, Gonzales, and San Felipe was a critical artery of political and commercial traffic during the 19th century.  Here you will find a collection of articles recounting the history of the road as well as the places along it, and the people who travelled it.