Nov 18 2014

A Sort Of Justice

Fate brought resolution to the affair, and dealt its own measure of justice.

The newspapers reported on 2 August 1881:

Dick Neasom's Fate….

We were shown a private letter from St. Helena Parish, La., to Mr. J. M. Davis of Wilson County, which stated as follows:

Dick Neasom was showing Dr. Gosa how he could defend himself with an Enfield rifle, and it was accidentally discharged. The ball passed through his thigh and cut the main artery. The doctor wanted to amputate his leg, but Neasom refused to let him do it. He said he wanted to die. He was shot on Friday afternoon and died Saturday night at 11 o’clock. He prayed all the time. 

He had been home ever since last August, but he kept very close. There was but one or two that knew he was at home. Neasom it will be remembered, killed Dr. McMahon and a man by the name of Bean, in Wilson County, about a year go. 

Since then, he has been at large, until overtaken by a fate, not even of that stern nature he deserved to meet, and sent into another world. His crimes were most atrocious, and all will rejoice that the world has been ridden of him.

We are indebted to Deed L. Vest for his A Century of Light, History of Brahan Lodge No. 226 A.F. & A.M., La Vernia, Texas for information regarding the activities of the Masonic Lodge in La Vernia. Federal Census records, ship records, Republic of Texas military records, Civil War military records, and church records from Annunciation of the B.V.M., Roman Catholic Church at St. Hedwig, Texas provided source material for this article. Contemporaneous newspaper accounts provided specific information regarding the subject.