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The Post Oaks Explode

On the 8th of July the communities rallied their resources…. The San Antonio Newspapers reported the following on 11 July 1880.

Action in Respect to the memory of Dr. McMahon

A large and influential meeting of the citizens of Wilson, Karnes and Guadalupe counties was held at Midway Schoolhouse, Guadalupe County, on Thursday, the 8th instance. For the purpose of expressing their sympathy for the families of Dr. J. H. McMahon and Mr. Bean, citizens of Wilson County, who have recently been murdered without cause and in cold blood by one Neasom, a fugitive from justice. Reviewing the facts in connection with these heartless and unwarranted murders, the meeting further ordered the following resolutions, with hope of bringing the criminal to a speedy justice. 

The meeting was called to order by the Sheriff of Guadalupe County at 11 o’clock am. On motion from W. R. Neal, Esq. Of Seguin, General Saffold was unanimously called to the chair.

The meeting being in order, Mr. McClung of Wilson moved that a committee of five be appointed to draft resolutions. The following named gentlemen were appointed by the chair, viz. W.R. Neal Esq. Of Seguin, Chairman, Messrs, Elam, Knight, Vaughan, Hellman, of Guadalupe county, and Mr. McClung of Wilson County.

After consultation by the committee, the following resolutions were presented and adopted (summarized):

1. Sympathies offered to the families.

2. Testimonials to the character of the deceased.

3. A statement of solidarity by the counties in bringing Neasom to justice.

4. Resolved that the next representatives to the State legislature are instructed to request a district attorney for the 19th judicial district and to enlist their associate members in securing rewards for fugitives and criminals.

5. Resolved that the gentlemen at this meeting pledge $500 toward a reward for the capture of Neasom.

6. Resolved that this reward be exclusive of any other rewards…. ($900 had already been pledged).

7. Resolved that the Governor be petitioned for additional rewards for Neasom and that the Governor act to protect the citizens of the Counties represented.

These resolutions were adopted unanimously and Hugh Wiseman of Lavernia was appointed treasurer to administer the $500.00 reward. 

The Man Hunt

The hunt for Neasom was a wild goose chase; Sheriff Houston of Wilson County, a personal friend of Dr. McMahon, was misled by a rumor and traveled sixty-five miles down the San Antonio River. The Minute Men scoured the countryside with no results. The legendary T.P. McCall, Sheriff of Bexar county, did little better and spent his time sending communications to distant locations with wants and warrants for Neasom. Cavalry troops were dispatched from San Antonio with similar results. 

Adding to the misery of the residents of Lavernia; the mail courier from Marion, the source of Lavernia’s mail, refused to deliver mail to Herman Suhre, the new Postmaster. 

The Killer Speaks

Neasom had disappeared but he was not content to remain hidden. This article appeared up in the San Antonio newspaper on 20 December 1880.

Neasom, the Murderer, heard from

The man Neasom who murdered Dr. McMahon and his relative Bean, near Lavernia some months ago, has been heard from. He went directly to the house of one Mullins (maternal family), St. Helena’s Parish, Louisiana, within a very short distance of where he was born and raised and there remained for some time. 

After returning to Louisiana he was taken sick, and for about two weeks was attended by physicians at Mullins house. Neasom stated to parties that he was pursued by a posse, after having killed McMahon, and, after observing the men in pursuit, he turned off the road and hid until they had passed him by. He then rode along in sight of the posse, and to their rear, for some distance, when the posse stopped, held counsel together, and turned back. He then secreted himself again until the posse, turning back had passed him, and left the road before him open. Then he continued on to his point of destination in Louisiana.