Nov 18 2014

School Bell

The families that move from the Southern States to the Cibolo River Valley in the early 1850s were by the standards of the day educated and wealthy. Their main source of wealth resided in the numbers of slaves that they owned. Education of their children was a matter of vital importance and they acted quickly to form schools. By 1857 they had managed to organize a number of schools in the Valley. The two listed below served the Post Oak/Lavernia area. 

Robert McCoy, Teacher, Cibolo School
From March 2, 1857 to October 30, 1857

Parents/Guardians           Children
Thomas Applewhite James
Erastus Bell Robert
Erastus Bell Priscilla
Erastus Bell Emeline
C. G. Napier Augustus
C. G. Napier Emeline
C. G. Napier Cornelia
T. C. Holt Thomas D.
Wm. Sutherland Walter S.
Wm. Sutherland Mary E.
Robert McCoy Eliza E.
Robert McCoy Mary A.
Robert McCoy Barbara M.
Robert McCoy Frances G.
J. B. New Kinion
J. B. New Ann
J. B. New Lenora
J. B. New George
J. B. New William
J. B. New Kezia
Claiborne Rector Emily A.
Claiborne Rector Evaline
Claiborne Rector B. J. Kirkman
Claiborne Rector Mary J. Kirkman
L.P. Perkins Ivanona F.
L.P. Perkins Mary A.
L.P. Perkins Millennium J.
Henry Yelvington Florence J.
Henry Yelvington Victoria V.
Henry Yelvington Leonard A.
J. M. McAllister Danl. M.
J. M. McAllister Charles A.
J. M. McAllister Jno M.
J. M. McAllister Mary J.
J. M. McAllister Amanda J.
Ross Houston Saml. R.
Ross Houston Robt. C.
Ross Houston Pugh B.
Conley Henderson C. Fennel


W. W. Jones, Teacher, Guadalupe School
From April 20, 1857 to November 3, 1857

Parents/Guardians           Children
R. J. Floyd W. F. Floyd
A. G. Goodloe C. Goodloe